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How do I install a second language? 
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I have just installed Magento today!  For the 10th time in the past 2 weeks be cause of this issue. I really need help! All posts about this are related to old versions of Magento and it seems it doesn’t apply to the latest version. (

I installed the latest version of Magento via the downloader, set-up the database, CHMODed everything to 755 (I know it’s not a word!) and everything works fine. As long as I keep my locale by default.

Could somebody tell me, step by step, the way to install the French AND English package so people can see it on my Frontend (by selecting their choice in the dropdown menu)? I’m still using the demo store

I’m from Canada, living in a province where 85% of the population speak French. I really need this!

I would need:

=> French and English (selectable)
=> US and Canadian currencies (selectable when people order)

Thanks for your time!

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Paris, France


First you need to install the languages packs (french & english) through magento connect.
Then created store views (System>Manage stores). In your case you should have something like
website name > Store name > Français
website name > Store name > English

You’ll have only 1 “store name” with 2 store views”

Go to System > configuration
select default config in configuration scope at top left.
Then “General” tab > Locale option > select French.
Finally select storeview English in configuration scope and select english in Locale option.

Hope this helps.

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