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Adding products to magento through xmlrpc are not displayed in the shop
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Is it possible to add products directly to the magento webshop (user interface) , without it manually needs to be saved in the admin interface?

I’m trying to insert products to our webshop through xmlrpc. The problem is that the articles inserted through xmlrpc are only displayed in the admin interface, not in the webshop itself.

These values are set\modified through xmlrpc for each product:

The products are assigned to one or multiple categories.

when I manually go to the product in the admin interface , to the product and save the product , it displays the article, without any notification about variables not being set.


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Karachi, Pakistan

I am also trying the magento’s xml-rpc api.
However the situation is quite different.
I am implementing it on a php4.4 server, this means running magento on cgi-bin library.
The other trouble is magento is running alongside dolphin and I am required to run them together.

Cut the long story short, I have used xmlrpc for php ( and after some trial and error succeeded in adding a customer using xml-rpc call and can see the customer record in admin section.
However, that customer is not able to login saying

‘Invalid login or password.’

And when I clicked the forget your password link and entered the email address, magento replies

‘This email address was not found in our records’.

This means that, either the created record is not functional, or it is in wrong data type.

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