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Shipping modules from Amasty to cover all the shipping issues of your store
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We would like to introduce our new extensions Shipping Rules & Shipping restrictions.
Limit usage of shipping methods or adjust shipping rates according to your store needs.
Make your clients think they are provided with the best delivery service without losing your money on it.

Let’s take a look at the extensions.

Shipping Rules

The extension paves a new approach to creation of delivery rules.
Using Shipping Rules extension you can set up delivery rules right from the admin panel. Fast and easy.

You‘d be surprised at how flexible delivery rules can be. For example, it is possible to set products from category ‘Flowers’,
which cost less than $20, to be shipped with a $5 surcharge, when UPS carrier is selected and shipping destination is Alaska or Hawaii.

Additionally with Shipping Rules you can:

+ Provide shipping methods with accurate pricing to customers not to lose your orders
+ Apply surcharge, discount and override actions to shipping rates
+ Make effective algorithms for rate calculation
+ Use product attributes for rule conditions
+ Base rules on order and shipping address data
+ Set up rules by store view and customer groups
+ Reduce risk of incorrect rates

See in detail how Shipping Rules extension can improve your shipping service:

Shipping Restrictions

Want to find a way not to lose money from unprofitable shipping to certain areas?
Shipping Restrictions extension will show you the way by allowing you to limit shipment based on country, state, zip code, etc.

Have specific products which have to be delivered very fast? Make a limitation rule and incidents will not happen!

Have specific products which can’t be delivered to some area according to the law? E.g. it is against law to ship alcohol to Texas from other states. Block shipping of the exact products to the exact area!

Even more Shipping Restrictions can:

+ Block separate methods of shipping carriers
+ Make your shipping process both legal and effective
+ Set shipping restrictions based on order total, weight, zip code, region, etc
+ Use product attributes to set restriction conditions for shipping methods
+ Limit use of shipping methods by customer groups
+ Restrict shipping methods by store view and website
+ Create very flexible shipping restrictions

Find out what hasn’t been mentioned here at Shipping Restrictions Magento extension page:

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Nice and easy to use extensions. Shipping rules are set right out from admin panel, very handy!

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A nice extension on shipping issues.

The one feature I’m looking for is discount % on shipping, instead of the $amount.

I would like to be able to offer say, 20% discount on shipping if order is more than $50. Customer can choose any shipping method they want. Then 20% discount is applied.

Are you able to add this feature to your extension?

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