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“customer_address_id” missing in the result of a SOAP call “” from new customers
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I have a problem with the result of “sales_order.inf” SOAP call and need some help. I programming php, my Magento version is

When I have a order from a new customer (how make a new account in the Frontend), the key “customer_address_id” in the adress array is missing.
There is no problem with orders from the backend (like udpated Orders).

example result from a Backendorder

...array(23{ ["increment_id"]=> string(0"" ["parent_id"]=> string(1"5" ["created_at"]=> string(19"2009-01-04 12:05:44" ["updated_at"]=> string(19"2009-01-13 12:04:19" ["is_active"]=> string(1"1" ["address_type"]=> string(7"billing" ["prefix"]=> string(0"" ["firstname"]=> string(4"Bart" ["middlename"]=> string(0"" ["lastname"]=> string(7"Simpson" ["suffix"]=> string(0"" ["company"]=> string(0"" ["street"]=> string(21"Evergreen Terrace 743" ["city"]=> string(11"Springfield" ["region"]=> string(14"Sachsen-Anhalt" ["postcode"]=> string(5"12345" ["country_id"]=> string(2"DE" ["telephone"]=> string(8"23523456" ["fax"]=> string(0"" ["customer_id"]=> string(1"2" ["customer_address_id"]=> string(1"3" ["region_id"]=> string(2"92" ["address_id"]=> string(2"41" }...

example result from a Frontendorder


array(18{ ["increment_id"]=> string(0"" ["parent_id"]=> string(1"8" ["created_at"]=> string(19"2009-01-13 12:56:05" ["updated_at"]=> string(19"2009-01-13 12:56:05" ["is_active"]=> string(1"1" ["address_type"]=> string(7"billing" ["firstname"]=> string(4"Lisa" ["lastname"]=> string(7"Simpson" ["company"]=> string(0"" ["street"]=> string(19"Evergreen Terrace 2" ["city"]=> string(11"Springfield" ["region"]=> string(14"Sachsen-Anhalt" ["postcode"]=> string(5"54321" ["country_id"]=> string(2"DE" ["telephone"]=> string(8"12345679" ["fax"]=> string(0"" ["region_id"]=> string(2"92" ["address_id"]=> string(2"58" }

Where is my bug?

Greetings Braeu

Sorry, crossposting from the german part of the forum

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