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Fastest importer tool for magento is now available under the name of ‘Mass Importer Pro: Price Importer ‘
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Joined:  2009-06-23

Mass Importer Pro: Price Importer is the fastest import tool for importing/updating different prices like regular, special, tier & group price in Magento.

- Upgrade proof Module.
- Import tested for Magento Versions: 1.3.x -
- Supports import of all kind of prices(Regular, Sepcial, Tier & Group) available in Magento.
- Probably the fastest price import tool for Magento as it uses direct SQL queries instead of Magento’s EAV model.
- Option to upload CSV file.
- Option to configure Data Format(Currently it supports only the CSV file type, using a comma (,) as delimiter and double quotes(") as enclosure.)
- Option to configure price settings (Option to merge/replace the data for tier and group prices, Option to re-index data after import etc.).
- Option to view Import History (Which file imported?, when?, import duration?, no of total rows?, no of imported rows?, no of skipped rows?, no of failure rows? etc.)
- Option to view Log Data for analyzing the imported data.
- Many interesting features will keep on adding.

Happy Importing!

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