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FIx the system configuration! 
Ryan Grow
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Joined:  2009-12-04

Maybe it’s just me, but why is it that system configuration flushes cache after saving, nothing else does? I haven’t seen flush cache when adding a new design, saving a product or creating page. So why does it flush when system configuration saves. Is it because it reads some of it’s settings from the cache?  I have noticed that if I update a setting in the database directly and then load the system configuration page it contains some of the old settings. Why would you do that? Why would Magento think that it’s a good Idea to take persistent settings (database) store them in volatile (cache) and then save them back into the the database from the cache, if you make a change. This is a huge cludge that is just laying in wait to corrupt a website or store’s settings. Bad move Magento, this is something that should be fixed ASAP, not just because of the inconsistency of the cache saves but because someone’s Magento website or store view settings are going to get broken.

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