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Product Duplicate Issue Template Code Error? 
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I’m working on my Magento store now for about 4 weeks. With a rough ride behind my back and getting stabbed by errors and such, (Which i managed to resolve them myself) I came across an error that really is a pain in the *ss for me. I tried googling it, settings, whipe the cahce, refresh all indexe’s etc, but nope i cant find the solution. That’s why i’m hoping someone can help me out.

Whats the problem?

When i add more the 2 products on my store (E.g. 4 products or more in 1 category) they don’t settle next to each other but infact, they do like this: 2 on 1 line, next line 1 product & 1 empty unclickable product. Sorry if my examples are pretty weird, but i will add my website link and/or a picture of the issue.

Website: (You can see the products being a mess, from 2 to 1 and an empty one. )

Picture in attachement

If any file/code is needed, i will be pleased to post it. I would appreciate any help! Sorry for my double post ;O
I’m really hoping to get my website up and running asap. All i have to do is adding my products.

P.S. Site is in dutch. But when you enter the website category you will see what the problem is. Thanks in advance!



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