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Install Magento on Amazon AWS EC2 + RDS
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Joined:  2012-06-22

Hello guys, my first post here…

I’m making a eCommerce and researching on web I found two solutions, nopcommerce (.net) and magento (php)
Magento looks more professional, with better support, lots of plugins and etc. The community is bigger, right?

I’ve installed nopcommerce on a AWS EC2+RDS to have a final opinion and now I’m trying to instal Magento, but I can’t figure out why it now work.

I’m using an EC2 with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and a RDS with mySQL 5.5.20

On windows I have installed IIS and PHP without problems. I’ve configured PHP and test it on browser, It’s ok.
On RDS I’ve selected mySQL, I’ve tested it usin phpMyAdmin on EC2 and everything in fine.

I go in my url ( and appear the magento installation message.
I’ve followed all steps, connect with database, install, created the admin user and wrote down the encryption key.

Everything is fine right?!

But when I enter on Admin panel, these messages appear:

I’ve installed the version, why the message appear?

Why indexes appear out of date?
And when I click on Index Management, this message appear:

And the same message appear on every Admin menu or submenu that I click.

I’ve already tried with version 1.6.2, sample data, mySQL version 5.1.xx, 5.5.20, 5.8 and etc. I tried a lot of combinations and all instalations that I made ends up in the same way:

There has been an error processing your request, in every Admin menu iten.

Have someone had the same problem?
Can someone figure out why it’s happening?

Best regards and thanks in advance,
André Rairan.

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