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My CSV file is not valid, but did all necessary steps, what is wrong? 
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I am trying to upload data. I have checked all threads and tried many tips but no success yet.

I exported data first (used import/export but also tried profiles). Opened data in Excel (by importing data as XML and check comma separated, otherwise it will not read well).

Edited data, deleted empty rows etc.
Saved file as CSV (all available options; as MS-Dos and with columnseparation) and checked in extra options that it’s saved as Unicode UTF8.

When importing data again, the system says it cannot find sku column, but it is there!

I have tried to run the import / edit data / export steps many and many times, but I cannot manage!

I cannot attach my latest CSV file (magento will not add CSV-files to topic). But still, maybe someone can help me out.

And I’ll try again tomorrow....


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Jr. Member
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A few things to check:

Look for spaces in the column headings.  Remove them.

Also, case matters.  SKU is not the same as sku.  (Occasionally, Magento will forgive case errors—but uploads just run more quickly if the data is clean.)

I have better luck with CSV than I do XML.  Excel is simply horrible at UTF 8.  I assume that it is not UTF-8, even if it says it is. 

The trick I use is opening the file in the Open Office spreadsheet program, which saves nicely in UTF-8.  If you have columns of numbers, format them as text.  I still edit in Excel because I know it better, but a final clean up with Open Office has reduced errors a lot. 

Other folks use Notepad to open their CSV file and re-save it as UTF-8.  This also works.

If you are creating new products, include every column from your original download sheet.  Not all the columns are mandatory, but if a required field is missing the sheet will not upload correctly.  They do not have to be populated, but the headings must be there.

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