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create a configurable product whose attributes are inherited by derived simple products
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Hi Guys,
I have been struggling with this for a few days now.  I think i found a work around that allows me to do this but my work around is inherently flawed—more on this in a bit. 

The desired behavior I want to achieve is this..
create a configurable product which has a set of attributes that are fixed (ie color, and designer) from which all of my simple products will inherit from.  for example, if i create a t-shirt as a configurable product - this shirt will have a fixed color attribute and a fixed designer.  later i will create simple products based on this configurable product which will give the user the ability to select a set of sizes for this shirt from designer Y of color Z.  I cannot find a way to make this work in magento, even after I create the configured product and ‘update’ its attributes - i cannot get the base configurable product to display the designer / color attributes unless i use my work-around…

the work around i discovered is… if i create the attribute set while building the product (eg, ‘add attribute’ in the new product edit screen) I see the new attribute set associated with that product - the attribute + values appear in the configurable product page and it seems like all the simple products derived from this are correctly paired with my designer / color attributes..  however, this work around will not work for subsequent products that rely on the same attribute since i cant dupe attributes names - not to mention i dont want to recreate attribute sets each time i am creating a product.  am i doing something wrong?  i see you can have these attribute sets appear for simple products but not for configurable products.  it seems like a basic need for a store to be able to build this sort of product inheritance model where the derived simple products inherit the attributes of their parents.  this is really frustrating!  i looked thru documentation and have not had any luck.

anyone have any ideas??

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I have the same issue. I created configurable product....and derived simple products has some selectable attributes. The products are autogenerated in admin panel. But when i assigned a value to an attribute in configurable one (supposed to be static for all derived products, so not selectable), generated products does not have this attribute assigned.
I have to manually assign it. But what if I have much more products?

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