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Overall Simplification of templates
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While this is sort directed specifically at the templates that load product options, prices, add-to-cart, etc, the concept is far more widespread than this single area.

I really hope to see a lot of improvements in the complexity of templates. Currently certain sections get way too convoluted, there’s like a dozen or so templates that display two things. I mean, just have a look at the file structure of everything under:


Do we really need files that do nothing but getChildHtml?

Also, consistency across the entire design package would be nice. It does not make sense that there are uniform styles for things like .product-grid yet there are multiple markup variations of .product-grid… sometimes it’s <ul> based, sometimes not, sometimes table based, etc.

Of course, the best suggestion I have is that the core dev team actually solicit feedback from those who actually USE Magento. I can’t help but think it would only take myself a couple months of spare time to completely re-write all the base templates so that they actually made sense and made use of predictable style rules. There is simply too much guesswork currently.

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