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Additional Checkout Attributes - New Magento Module Released
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Joined:  2009-08-07

What stage can it be where neither your customers would like to lose you nor you would like to lose them? The answer is simply, checkout stage. To make life easy for you and your customers when it comes to the complications of checkout process, FME has done a lot of research and developed extraordinary efficient Magento extensions. Additional Checkout Attributes Magento extension is another splendid solution for you that allows you to add custom fields to Magento’s default checkout phases extremely easily and quickly.

Magento checkout normally involves six steps to complete an order. With the help of “Additional Checkout Attributes” Magento extension, you can add to any checkout step as many new fields as you would like such as Checkbox, RadioButton, Textarea and many more at any position such as top, bottom or middle very conveniently. Very comprehensive and comfortable to work with backend configuration is included in this extension. Custom fields and data received from customers can be configured to display on invoice emails, PDFs and in customer’s accounts. These fields are also visible to Admin at the backend in orders section.

Furthermore any newly created field can be assigned to a particular product, category or customer group in which case it will not be visible to other products and categories. This Magento extension is based on solid and highly optimized coding techniques which add to the enhancement of checkout process. Now getting more information from customers in checkout is easy as beans.

FEATURES (aka Checkout Fields Manager)

-Creates additional attributes smoothly for checkout and customer’s registration pages
-Supports the following input types for fields such as Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button
-Display custom text messages at any checkout step without creating any custom field
-Automatic validation can be configured for each custom fields
-Newly defined fields can be placed on any checkout step and at any desired location such as top, bottom or middle
-Can configure from the backend if custom fields are mandatory or not
-Associate custom fields with a specific product, category or customer group
-Information entered by customers is displayed on order details page in both admin area and in customer’s account
-Custom fields can be configured to display in invoice emails, PDFs and customer accounts
-Select desired store view for custom fields
-Compatible with PayPal Website Payments Pro - Express Checkout
-Comes with a User Manual

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