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Pending orders with Paypal Evolution because of a checkout problem
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We are using Magento 1.6 with PayPal Integral Evolution.
50% of the orders are flagged as “Pending Payment” in the back office.
When we contact the buyers, they explain that the system is “hanging” (sending data without answers) forever and they can’t complete their order.
PayPal knows that problem but pretends that Magento is responsible of this disagreement.
As Magneto Community is free and because we pay for PayPal services I am really surprised of this answer. Even more when we know that those two brands belong to the same group and that PayPal Evolution is integrated in the Varien solutions by default.
I would like to know if other people meet the same problem to determine if it is:
* A Magento version issue
* A server configuration issue
* A PayPal Evolution issue

Do we have to continue to investigate or is it better to think about Ogone or PayBox solutions?

Thanks for your help or comments!

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