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2 fields of VAT number in 1.7
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Hello all,

After configuring the new Magento 1.7 CE, I was a bit suprised to see this behaviour:

When activating the new EU VAT ID Validation, there is an option to show the VAT Number on Frontend. You can find it in “System>Config>Customers>Customer Configuration>Create New account options: Show VAT Number on Frontend”
When setting this option to Yes, a new VAT field appeared in the checkout (not on the registration page: /customer/account/create/)

Magento already has a VAT field from the previous versions. You can find this Tax/VAT field in “System>Config>Customers>Customer Configuration>Name and Address Options:Show Tax/VAT Number”. Activating this, will activate a VAT field on the registration page: /customer/account/create/

When activating both you can end up with 2 VAT fields in your checkout when a customer wants to make an account during checkout. See the attached screenshot.

My question now is: why should we use the VAT number in the Name&Address;Options config? I see no more added value..
Is there any? (besides showing it on the registration page..)

Pieter Caluwaerts

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I have simillar problem.
They say that \"VAT is related to address by design\” - I quess it means that old VAT field, related to customer rather than to billing address, is deprecated.
So simply disable it…

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