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Upgrade Issues ! - Advice Needed Please
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Hi All,

I’ve had an absolute catastrophe “upgrading” 1.1.8 to a non-functioning release and after about 12 hours have managed to get my 1.1.8 site back working.

I must say I did like Magento but I have used a lot of open source/php apps in the past and this is by far the worst upgrade experience I’ve ever had. This has left a bitter taste about the whole package but I’m willing to persevere and looking for some solid guidance.

I’m after some advice on how to do the upgrade properly, as the documentation here is incomplete/inaccurate. For example, I’ve tried to upgrade via Magento connect and there is no option to do so on the screen it presents me with; I can’t find and key to paste in as directed, and the options to clear the cache (as noted in the documentation) are not present :(

1) Which files do I need? I downloaded the complete and applied this over the site and that is where all the problems lay (though it worked fine under XAMPP at home!). I have read that you should use the downloader for the update but that only seems to be I have no shell access so PEAR is unsuable.

2) How can I isolate the website totally so that no-one can log into it while the upgrade is in progress? I’ve tried an index.html file in the home directory but magento ignores that and bypasses it totally. If the upgrades are processed as soon as someone visits the site, how can you prevent this occuring while you are (part way through) FTP’ing the files up? This possibly caused an error last time.

3) When is due?

Very grateful if someone could point me at a comprehensive guide to get this fixed - I would stick with 1.1.8 for a while longer but I can’t upload photos to products and see that bug is fixed and need this feature ASAP!

Thanks for your help in advance

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Jr. Member
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Is the upgrade still an issue for you or have your problems been resolved?
As for traffic during the upgrade, just change the permissions on your Magneto directory so its no longer web visiable.
- sG

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It is actually very easy to upgrade Magento through the Connect Manager. If you don’t see a list of extensions, type in “magento-core/Mage_All_Latest” in the Extension Key field and click Install. Click on Check for Upgrades, and all available upgrades will be highlighted. To upgrade the Magento core, only select Mage_All_Latest in the list.

Almost all problems people have with the Magento Connect Manager and upgrades are due to incorrect file permissions. The web server process must be able to write to all Magento files/folders for the upgrade to work successfully. Depending on how your server is configured (suEXEC/suPHP or mod_php), you may have to adjust the file permissions.

To prevent anyone from accessing the site during an upgrade, just add an index.html or try out this extension (I have not tried it myself). For the index.html to load, you must modify the DirectoryIndex directive in your .htaccess. Set it like this:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

This will give index.html preference over index.php.

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