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Complex Product Options
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I’d like to see more versatile product options, or make product options able to track inventory.  I won’t go into detail of my exact situation unless needed, but nothing worked just right.

Grouped products could have worked, but I didn’t want to have one option after the other just stacked on top of each other, as there would have been 12+ options to read through. If there was a way to create headings and separate them a bit, that would be nice.

Configurable products restricts me to drop downs, which is okay, but not all the simple products shared the exact same attributes, so I couldn’t get it to work in a way that would have made sense to the user.

Bundle products with radio buttons ended up working the best, as it allowed us to group the item selections, but customers are unlikely to want multiple options for this product, which defeats the purpose of a bundle.

Ideally, if custom options for a simple product was able to track inventory, OR if configurable products was more flexible as to which simple products you can add to them, regardless of attributes, that would have been perfect. Being able to group configurable items would be nice too...but that might be another can of worms.

AND Since I’m already here, WHY does the following happen:
1) write message for forum
2) incorrectly enter captcha
3) try and submit, go to error page
4) go back, re enter captcha
5) error, my title has disappeared
6) renter title & captcha and submit
7) \ escapes are now printed all over my message

I realize that’s my fault for not paying attention the first time, but that’s a little ridiculous.

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