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Custom pages and disable customer login an option? 
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Joined:  2009-01-09

I stumbled upon this Magento gem today and it looks REAL GOOD in comparison to Prestashop...which I was about to use but has certain limitations that are holding me back.

I have a few pre-install questions before venturing into Magento.

1) I’m wondering if I can create and associate a custom page, say a ‘how-to-install’ page for a specific automotive product I would have within my Magento store.
If this is possible - awesome! Can someone link me to a Magento site that has an example of this?

2a) Is it possible to totally disable the customer login/register feature?
I don’t much care for this and would not want it on the front of the site at all. I’m only selling a handful of products. I don’t accept credit card payments either, payments are all handled via a Paypal button. I guess this would lead into possibly disabling the shipping calculation as well....

2b) Is it possible to only have Paypal (paypal button) as the only payment option?

Thank so much for any help!

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