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Execute a shell command via cron
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I wanna make a module to allow my customer to auto import his products via a csv file (which is on his ftp) each X hours. I made a code which download his csv files and which import the products on this csv files. I made a code which auto imports his products via my code each nights at 5 via a cron which looks like (on my server crontab file) :

16 *     * * *     root     wget -T0 -t1 -

This system works but the problem is that I can’t allow my customer to manage his auto import. So I created a module where my customer can enter the hour of the auto import but I don’t know how to configure my magento crontab with this value.

So my question is, how to set a magento cron job by settings hours in parametters, and it is possible to set a wget as a cron job ?

Thanks for your answers,

Have a good week,

Sylvain (Sorry for my english, I’m french :S)

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