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Swms Option Image2 for configurable products. 
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Joined:  2011-08-28

Hi! I’m using the swms option image2 extension for little images in the options-and-attribute-dropdown-menu of products. i got it working for single products and could also implement this feature in the shopping-options box. Unfortunately this is only working on single products. Can anyone help me getting this to work with configurable products as well? Would be great!

i tried to edit:
by adding the class “optionimage” to the attribute select box but this just replaces the “normal dropdown” with the dropdown from option-image but i then can only choose the first attribute and all the other attributes are still “disabled” and cannot be selected any more. Also the option select boxes are not changed in configurable products. I cannot figure out which file to edit or even where to start.... if any one could help me a little…

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