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Fresh Skimmed World Wide Dumps! Cvv Fullz…
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Joined:  2012-05-10

Do you like to be made a fool when you see “Decline” frame buying to the amount of 100$?
Hasn’t it bothered you to see dumps with great amount of invalid & sold out to twenty persons?
Become my customer and forget these foolish problems!!!
I’m glad to offer you the best dump outlet service DEIMOS DUMPS!
I’m introduced in the market for some years.My dumps established a reputation as high-qualified and im following the admissible pricing policy.
I’m holding my customers in high respect.

Peculiarities of our service:
Instant delivery!
High-percent valid.
Latest bases tr2, tr1+tr2.
Daily update.
Lowest prices at a stuff of such quality.
Fresh dumps, cvv n fullz with high % turnover, which means u do not
loose ur investment with us !!!
not resellers of somebody else’s dumps – that’s why all articles sold to you will stay only with you.
Positioning at the US’s dumps, but Asian, european and oceania dumps are also existed.
We’re not checking dumps before a deal, because we’re sure in quality of our articles and you’ll become an owner of really effective stuff.

Payment and Guarantees:
Accept a Payments by:
LR Purchase 5-10pieces minimum
WU MG Purchase 10-20pieces minimum

Icq 647795873
YH deimox

classic/standard 20$
discover/am ex 30$
gold/business/platinum 30$
corporate/signature/world 35$
dinners club 30$

classic/standard 30$
gold/business/platinum 50$
corporate/signature/world 80$

classic/standard 40$
gold/business/platinum 50$
corporate/signature 60$
Infinite 120$

eu asia latin & others 101
classic/standard -60$
discover/am ex -50$
gold/business/platinum -80$
corporate/signature/world -100$
Infinite -150$

eu asia latin & others 201
classic/standard - 50$
gold/platinum - 60$
corporate/business - 80$

Icq 647795873
YH deimox

Contact for price & details for cvv n log in’s

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