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Trying to understand index management
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Hi fellow sufferers!

I have a couple of questions about Magento’s index management to get a better understanding of how it’s supposed to work.

We are running Magento CE and today our customer was complaining about items not showing in the search results. I solved the issue by re-indexing the “Product Attributes” index and the “Catalog Search” index.

However, this happend before and there are a couple of things bugging me about this:

All our indices are set to ”Update on save” and all indices were marked as Ready. Shouldn’t Magento reindex automatically once a product is saved?
Or asked more broadly: What is the difference between ”Update on save” and ”Manual update”?

On a couple of occasions I had to reindex manually to make the layered navigation or advanced search work again properly. I assume one or more indices were probably not up-to-date (or damaged?) but Magento had not changed the status of the index to make the store manager aware of it.

I can’t imagine this to be normal behaviour. How are you supposed to run a shop properly with this happening?

(Then again, this would not be the first time I find Magento to behave oddly.)

Thanks and cheers

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