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Product Testimonials 2.0 Magento Module Released
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Product Testimonials on a website show a history of satisfaction with your business. It is way to convince your website visitors about your products and services’ credibility. A few glowing testimonials could lead to several new sales. FME Product Testimonials is an amazing extension that lets your customers submit testimonials conveniently while giving you maximum flexibility in configuring, managing and publishing testimonials from the backend. You have the controls in your hand to enable or disable almost any field or option available on the frontend and fully utilise its powerful features such as like/unlike, ratings, thread management and much more

Meta Info for testimonials page and detail pages
Order your Testimonials from the admin panel.
Testimonials URL can be what ever you would like
Control the count of testimonials displayed on the main testimonials page
You can disable the read more link so that there will only be the main testimonials page.
Show/hide testimonials picture
Select from up to 4 themes already integrated
Integrated with Email Settings
Mark a testimonial as featured
Controlled through Configurations that each testimonials can have its own page
Like/Unlike options for testimonials
Embedded rating feature will allow your customers to rate the testimonials

Place product testimonials in a beautiful JS slider instead of placing them on one page
Choose pagination and multiple effects for the slider
Let your customers like or unlike any product testimonials
Enable your customers to reply to any product testimonial and maintain a thread
Specify if admin’s approval is required before publishing product testimonials

You can allow (Guests, Logged In, None) to post testimonials
Have testimonials post automatically or once the admin has approved.
“Add Testimonials” form window can be configured to open in a popup or slide.
Show/Hide the following fields (Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, Website, Upload Photo/Avatar, Short Description)
Ability to add 4 Custom fields (Other than the default fields)

You can show/hide the block
Option of displaying featured testimonials or random
Able to Edit the Block Title, display count, and the read more link
Choose from the Slider effects (fade, scroll), and control the duration
Show/hide Pagination.

No additional JavaScript added. Magento default prototype library used
Completely SEO friendly inclused meta
Open Source
Easy to customize
Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
Comes with Install and User Guide

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