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1.7 update successfull, but cant add product to shoppingcart /cant reindex prices / ALMOST SOLVED! 
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Hello magenteneers,

as the title above says i have updated our system from 1.5.1 to 1.7 via magento connect manager. everything seemed to have went smoothly at first. I’d like to present all the problems we have already ran into and post their solutions so we can collect somewhat of a lil wiki here.

1. firstly we ran into the “maintainance.flag” problem. if you update to 1.7 and cant go back to the admin panel and instead see the 503 error screen, log into your ftp and remove or rename the file “maintainance.flag” from your magento root directory.

2. the connection still kept timing out. we only could get the shop to answer sporadically every 20mins or so. to check if its a server problem simply try opening another site on your server for example or a .jpg or something. if that works, your shop has the issue. the problem here was that the file permissions were messed up. you can either google “magento cleanup” and use that tool or do it manually via ftp. once the permissions were set correctly, the shop seemed to be back up and running.

3. one of our plugis, specifically “m2e pro” quit working properly. it still imports ebay orders but does not create “magento orders” anymore. we have seen that m2e released a brand new update today which we installed. things started freakin out again and we had to start from step 1. lets hope this does not happen with every thing you install from now on but if it does, at least now u know what to do.

4. so after goin through step 1 and 2 over again and the now updated plugin still no success with creating orders. every time u try to manually make the system create a magento order from an ebay order it throws the errors:

Magento Order was not created. Reason: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘msql_name.salesrule_customer_group’ doesn’t exist Error 08.05.2012 15:03:32

Magento Order was not created. Reason: Invalid backend model specified: customer_entity/address_attribute_backend_street

we checked if the database was updated correctly and found out that the database did not update at all. we have researched a little bit and found quite a few people online that reported that they cant add products to the shopping cart. we tried doing so, same problem. it doesnt work. therefore we believe a lot of the reported problems can be tracked down to the database not being updated.

another problem that it leads to is not being able to reindex product prices. the indexer just throws the error that it cant be started. which, knowing that the database did not update, makes absolutly sense, since there are about 18 new colums that were added in 1.7 for price indexing and a complete new table. all other indexers work fine.

to see the database changes between the last version and 1.7 u can go to:

now all we need to know from someone who really does know is, how do we manually update the database. we have researched a lot about the database repair tool but we are not sure if that will work properly with 1.7. (

if anyone knows how to get this done, please let us know. we are not sure if we will keep 1.7 on our productive system since all of this, but if a database update solves the presented issues, it wouldnt be so bad after all. it def seems to be a lot faster than 1.5.1.

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Peter Svegrup
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Hi Peter,

Since it’s been a week you might have already found the solution to this, I know I would have been tearing my hair out smile

Even so here’s my suggestion for updating the db correctly (not taking into consideration wheather your site has been in live status since the upgrade ... if no vital activity has been db recorded since the upgrade then use a dump of your 1.5 db, prior to update trials)

- Upload the tar.gz file for magento 1.7 to your root, untar it and set the permissions via ssh. If you do not have ssh access then upload via ftp the uncompressed ‘magento’ folder of the downloaded magento 1.7 tarball to your root folder. Either of the two should have produced a new directory in your root folder called magento.

- Close access to your store if it’s active so that there will be no new writes to the db. Just google for a solution as there are many.

- Dump your database, create a new database (ie _db2), and import the dumped database into the new one. All of this either in ssh or phpMyAdmin.

- navigate to and follow the install instructions, making sure to put the name of your newly created db + credentials in there. You should open up app/etc/local.xml to retrieve your encryption key from the original installation and put into the field on the last page.

- if all goes well your db should update and after it’s done and you are presented with the ‘Go to frontend’ and Backend buttons, open up the same local.xml as above, change the name of the db to the newly created and updated one, remove whatever re-direct you had activated on the original store and navigate to

Good luck and let me know if your worked it out as I’m curious to know if it’s possible to skip 1.6.x’es all together smile


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The other way to increase backend performance -run reindex process in background. For implement this mechanism you can use something like this one

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