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Configurable/bundled products not saleable after upgrade
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Joined:  2008-08-15

Dear all,

I’ve updated to 1.2.1 from 1.1.6 (no other version was working properly for me).

It seems to work great, and faster it seems.
But after working with it for a day i’ve found a nasty problem…

A configurable product (for instance: tickets for a concert, 3 different days, two different times) and a bundeled product (just 2 products bundeled together) are no longer saleable from the detail page of the respective products.
From the category grid, the two items are saleable according to Magento and there’s a “buy” button. Which is weird for a configurable product, so i tried clicking it and it returned a big error, logically.
I themed the site myself, so i’m familliar with that code and there’s a check to determine wether or not the “buy” button must be shown. On the bundled product and configurable product page this allways return false for some reason.

This bug only appeared after going to 1.2.1.

I’ve tried diabling cache, emptying cache, emptying cookies, temp. internet files, etc, but the bug was more structural than that.
Magento doesn’t manage my stock, and both items are properly activated.
I’ve tried adding different products to the bundled items, and changing settings, but nothing worked.

Somebody else got this problem, or even better, somebody else got this problem fixed ?

Any help (or further questions) are appreciated!


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