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Magento U Training and Cancellations
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Suggestion #1

When informing those who have enrolled and made plans (flights, hotel, car rental, etc) to attend Magento U training, have the courtesy to explain why the class was canceled. Some of us can’t afford to lose out on not only the training but the travel expenses.

Suggestion #2

If classes are going to be canceled because of low enrollment, users should be allowed to see a current enrollment status for a particular session. That way if we see that a class may not meet enrollment requirements, we can choose a different class with higher enrollment and plan accordingly.

Suggestion #3

Don’t cancel classes 7 business days before a class is set to begin.

Suggestion #4

Offer alternatives to those who are unable to reschedule.

This is incredibly frustrating to have this cancellation happen so close to my departure for LA and it would be nice to hear an explanation from someone explaining the reasons why.

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