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Suggestions, comments and concerns on new Magento install—multi-site. 
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Littleton, NH

So I am looking into Magento for moving our existing brands from the home grown CMS/e-commerce to Magento.  We are moving about 8 sites, that range from 1 -4 products to 40-60 products. 

They got 3,342,085 pageviews from (1/11/11 - 4/30/12) and that is basically 1 of the sites generating most of those pages views.  I am looking for an idea of hosting options and what size hardware (just a basic idea) so I can get an idea, I am pretty sure that I can do MySQL and Apache on the same machine, I have heard that drive speed is necessary, are there other things I need installed like Zend, or ionCube, memcache, etc.  Esp in a multi-site setup.

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