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Just let you guys know whos looking for the webhosting service.

I had vps perfetto3 serive from them for 1 month and now i need to cancel my service becuase of website doesn’t work and

can’t even login my vps panel. howcome the webhosting service got this situation and tried to move my other domain to

other company and the tech guy didn’t answer my question how to transfer my domains from you guys to other company and they don’t even

have instruction page. after i got pissed off because they don’t answer my question I said “are you there? then answer my question!! “

the guy ‘JAKE’ tech guy just terminated chat session without notice lol

This guys are really horrible

file uploading is really fast that i like only and other service

website loading is really bad and slow

system shotdown often

horrible tech

horrible manage account page

Finally, please suggest me VPS hosting service for magento and if they don’t le me transffer my domains to other company what can I do?

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Ha Noi, Viet Nam


Very sorry to hear about your story with a bad company. Currently our company also provide hosting services if you are interest:

We have doing hosting and magento customization for more than 300 customers all around the world. You could find our profile here:

Hope that would help.

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