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Can Magento support global pricing tiers at the store level? 
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Joined:  2012-04-26

Is there an option in Magento, or alternately a custom module / extension, that will let me set tiered pricing by product type (or category) as opposed to the product specific pricing that seems to be the standard option.

I have three main product types, each with the same quantity tiers but with different prices per tier based on whichever product was selected. The goal is to have the pricing setup globally (3 different custom tiers) that I could then assign to specific products as needed instead of having to add the pricing to each individual product in the store.

So it would look something like:

Pricing for all type 1 products
1 - 99 $0.44
100-249 $0.42
250-500 $0.40

Pricing for all type 2 products
1 - 99 $0.52
100-249 $0.50
250-500 $0.48

Ideally, updating the global tiered pricing would then affect all products it was previously applied to, but we may be able to live without the update feature if necessary.

I have seen custom extensions like the Advanced Product Options by MageWorx that allow you to handle global product options in this way. I would think there would be something similar out there for handling pricing in the same manner.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I have spent quite a bit of time searching forums and the web with no luck.


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