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‘Distributor -> Database Package -> Magento’ model
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Hello Magento Community,

We implemented Magento as a live product about four months ago.  Progress has been slow, but for the most part it has worked, and as an open-source product we are satisfied with the package.  We do however have a growing need to expand the amount of products we need to be available on the site.  Unfortunately many of our products aren’t simple products, with many Custom Options on over 80% of our products.  Custom Options currently can’t be imported; and Configurable Products still require Simple Products and Attributes in order to work.  With 5,000 products required to go live within the next month, and countless more variables of each product, this can no longer be a manual process.  Especially as our distributor changes its price regularly, even “Custom Options” is becoming a longer cumbersome work around to Configurable Products.

A simple ”Distributor -> Database Package -> Magento” data-flow model is now seen as a large requirement, we understand this is perhaps possible using an XML/CSV Feed from our Distributor, which is processed by one of our Database Packages, such as FileMaker Pro or even ACT 2008.  This can then remotely connect to the remote MySQL database on our stores server and update the database periodically, or perhaps using the Magento API as a means to remotely edit the store, and update mass product stock and pricing.

There are several problems currently that we are facing.

• The way Magento handles importing of images.
• Currently Custom Options doesn’t have any simple way of importing new pricing.
• Changing data using MySQL directly requires having to open any changed product and then “re-saving” it from the Magento back-end.

The problem is simple. How can we import 5,000 products, with in excess of over 100,000 total variables of products using the XML or CSV feeds available from a number of our distributors, which can also co-operate with our in-house Database Package (Full Product Database/CRM Integration etc.).  As a last resort, we will be willing to sacrifice the integration with our Database Package, as long as there is some way we can atleast control stock levels and more importantly prices via our XML/CSV Feed.

But then, how do we process an algorithm to add 10%* of the sale price to our distributors sale price, somewhere this feed has to be parsed.  As our prices will doubtfully change significantly over a day to day period, this solution could be a weekly process, we’d never expect this to work in real-time, and understand if somewhere there had to be human interaction (Starting a macro, exporting a file)
*example figure

We understand this is a slightly bigger undertaking than most Magento projects, so could somebody please advise any possible Support Partners who have experience with this kind of implementation, alternatively if anybody wishes to have a more formal chat, please contact me on jleaver ‘at’

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It is possible to add a large number of products. I added 50,000, each with high amount of data using a script i coded.
Using XML/RPC or SOAP won’t be enough, it’s too slow. I used that too, but if i was 100% dependent on it, the script would have imported the products in more than one month. SO what i did was to limit the SOAP calls, and use direct queries for simpler processes like assigning a product to category, changing on or two attribute fields etc., and the execution time reduced to 2-3 days from one month.


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I could also use mass custom options, I am surprised more people haven’t asked for this

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