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Special price does not show up in cart for guest
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Joined:  2011-05-28

I am using magento and I am having a problem with special prices. It concerns the special prices I enter in the special price box when adding a products. I do not have any catalog rules set up.

What happens is that a customer (not logged in) does see the special price on the category & product pages, but as soon as they add it to the cart it shows the old non-discounted price.

When a customer is logged in, this doesn’t happen.

I have found a few people with the same problem on here, but they all had magento 1.4, and their fix didn’t work for me.

I use the webtex CustomerGroupsPrice module, but I disabled that and I still had the problem, so I don’t think that’s it.

My site only just went live, and I think everything did work fine on my test domain, but I am not 100% certain now. Another thing that changed was that I installed a SSL certificate, but as the cart page is not on https, I don’t think that could be the problem?

I hope someone can help me out, I am losing customers over this :(

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