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Default embed images and upgrade email processing with som basics
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Joined:  2010-01-27

Hi there, thank you for this great product. An urgent request to add some functionality

* The ability to log all emails that are sent through the store. I think this should be default default. Now when a customer says they have been contacted ... we just nodd yes but have no idea. We need to have a log of the emails that are generated by the system
For example:

* Embedded Images to avoid mail client warning
Please add the ability to embed images in email (this is to avoid warning). I really think this is basic basic

* Automatic Text version generation
To avoid being treated as SPAM and an email basic rule

* Sending test emails from transactional email backend
There MUST be a way to send test emails from the transactional email configuration/editing. Add a button: send test email to store owner that can be clicked for every email

Also fix the The preview - it is now plain HTML that we see

PLEASE add this functionality as it is basic for a system that communicates by email

So many people would be greatful


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