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Site Transcational functionality
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I apologise if I may be posting this in the wrong part of the forum, if so Mods, please advise and move.

I am new to Magento and would like to build a website with a similar transactional facility as

Its basically a site for ordering food for kids in schools. The schools are listed via dropdown list.

you may need to create a dud account, but basically it has a facilities to :

Manage Users
View/Edit Current Orders
View Past Orders
Edit My Info
View Transactions
Load Prepaid Account
Manage Credit Card Info
View Unused Coupons

It also has a calendar where you can block book and pay for a set amount of meals which would tally up with the amount of credit you have.

I would like to know if Magento has this type of facilities out of the box or if there are modules/plugins that I could add that would cater for this?

Any helps greatly appreciated. I have attached some screen shots on a word doc.



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