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Epos Excel Database
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Wondering if anyone can help?

You’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge of epos system intergration with magento, but we have an epos system in our shop that needs to link up to our magento website, we are using business epos, they have an add-on that can link to website’s but just want to make sure it can work with magento.

This is what they state:-

‘Online Store Synchronisation (EEOnline)

If you run an online store as well as a high street store, this bolt-on is perfect for you. EEOnline allows you to synchronisation stock levels from your online store databases with your EPOS-Excel EPOS terminal databases over a broadband internet connection.

The system will automatically synchronise your EPOS-Excel database with almost any online store system that uses MySQL backend database One thing that you must have in order to run the EEOnline system is remote access to your online store database.

Please contact your online store provider to make sure they use MySQL backend databases and that you have access to them. If you or your provider are unsure, either yourself or your provider can give us a call on 0844 487 0589 (Select option 1), we would be happy to help.

What do I need to run EEOnline?
- EPOS-Excel Latest Version
- EPOS-Ecel EEOnline Bolt-On
- Broadband Internet connection
- Online store that works with EEOnline

Need an Online Store?
CartSmart provides a quick and easy way to sell online, and CartSmart works
with EEOnline. For full details please visit:’

Obviously i don’t want to change my online store to cartsmart, does anyone know if magento can co-operate with epos excel database/EEOnline?

Would be greatful of any help.


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