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Cybertill Magento Link Integration
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I am looking for advice from anyone with first hand experience of linking Cybertill and Magento or alternatively an equivalent UK POS provider or reseller (we are also looking into a Magento & Microsft RMS Dynamics link).

Basically we need a POS that links with Magento in such a way that it provides the following features:
1) Attributes sets (Colour, Manufacturer, Size etc) are linked so that if a product is added to POS with a matrix (a t shirt in s, m, and l in blue, green and red) it adds this product to Magento with the option values already assigned with relevant stock and price.
2) Ideally we would like it so that if an extra attribute value was added in the POS (i.e. Purple was added to the Colour attributes) then it added this to Magento as well (rather than having to set it up in both and linking them).
3a) We would like customer accounts linked between POS and Magento so that if we sign up a customer in store on the POS they will have an online account created and vica versa if they create an account online we would like it available in store on the POS.
3b) Attached to these customer accounts we would like loyalty points (i.e. points are given per £ spent and when a certain amount of points are earned a voucher is given to the customer). For example if a customer was given a loyalty card in store and they collected points on it they could then go to our Magento website and link the card to their account (if this wasnt already done in store) and when they purchased items online they collect points on the same account. All customers loyalty points should then match between POS and Magento and if they are redeemed they are deducted from both.
4) The most basic of all features but obviously we would also like images, descriptions and titles of products to be linked between POS and Magento.
5) There will be other features that we will inevitably need, but i cannot think of them all right now, so if anyone has experience of linking Magento with a POS in the UK (hopefully with Cybertill) then please can you include experience of other features that are available.

I know there must be fully integrated POS software available (as a number businesses seem to do so) but so far i haven’t come across any information that goes further than explaining that the link with Magento downloads orders and updates stock.

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I think our solution Brightpearl would offer the functionality you require. Brightpearl is an end to end business management system that connects your Magento webstore and POS to your back end business software (inventory, CRM, accounts, order management and more).

The advantage of integrating all your sales channel through a single system is that all sales that you make will automatically update across all the channels. So you don’t need to import data back and forth between systems and will never sell the same item twice by mistake.

The inventory offers an XYZ size-colour matrix so would be able to cope with your requirements and because it is integrated this would be updated automatically when you made any changes or additions. All this information is then available in real time from your point of sale and on your website.

The CRM system is integrated to so you could easily capture customer data and create online accounts as well. As your accounts are in sync too you would be able to store the amount of £ spent against there record and could then issue vouchers/points when they reach a certain threshold.

All images and descriptions are stored in the central inventory pool so would update across your sales channels as and when you made changes.

Our system is cloud based too so you’ll have no problem running it on any computer. All you need is a Internet connection and you’re good to go.

We offer a 30 day free trial so you could have a good chance to take a look and assess whether it would be a suitable solution for you business.


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