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Redirect after adding to cart for second website
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Joined:  2012-03-02

Hi all,

I am quite new to Magento and have no real clue about php, so I hope you can help me with that.

I have created two Websites in Magento which are sharing the same product catalog. This is to handle two customer groups: consumers and wholesale. There is also a CMS page.
The consumer website runs at the base-url and the wholesale website is in a sub-folder \"/wholesale\", so all Urls are the same just for the wholesale shop, /wholesale is added before.

If customers (consumer as well as wholesale) add a product to the cart they should be redirected back to the catalog. This works fine for the consumer shop but not for the wholesale shop. In the Wholesale shop it works ok if you stay on the catalog page right after logging in:  ( but if you go to the cart for example and go back to the catalog via the Navigation item \"Shop\", which links to this page, there if the customer adds an item to the cart, he is referred to the CMS page:

Any idea how to get about this? I could link the \"Shop\" navigation hardcoded to but I guess that is usually an automatically created URL?

You can test this via this link:

Username is and Password is Test123

Thanks for your help.


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