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Cost Based Pricing Extension Released
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FME Cost Based Pricing Magento Extension enables its users to add various new pricing group to the store. The groups are then used to add markup to the product’s cost and calculate the product price based on its cost and markup. However, for the extension to function properly, the cost for all products for which you would like to use Cost Based Pricing should be indicated properly. Store owners can use Simple, Virtual and Group products for this Magento Extension.

Cost Based Magento Extension allows store owners to create new pricing groups through which mark up is applied upon the cost of the product resulting in the product price. The Formula “Product Price = Cost + Markup (percent or fixed)” elaborates the same principle.

Products can be assigned to the pricing groups from the Admin. A product can however be assigned to one price group at a time. If you do not wish to use cost based pricing for some products, do not assign them to a price group.

Note: For Unlimited SKUs

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