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Old vs New Dataflow file for grouped products
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-09-25

Hi Everyone,

I am building a site with about 50,000 simple products and 3000 grouped products. From further reading I found that dataflow probably wont handle this, and that Magmi is the way to go.

Now the only issue I have, is after hours and hours of analyising the Magento Dataflow fields, and making my database fields as per what is required in Dataflow Magento 1.6 - I now see that Magmi only supports the old Dataflow........

I think I can get my head around most things to update what I am doing, however - for the new Dataflow for grouped products - the simple products that are a part of the grouped product, are clearly and easily defined in the field “_associated_sku”. But for the old method and for Magmi - I cannot see how to tell Magento which simple products make up the grouped product?? Can someone please help with this?

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