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On-the-fly product descriptions and prices for back end checkout? 
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Is there a module available that allows sales admin to create “on-the-fly” product descriptions and bespoke prices via the back end?
They would not be linked to stock values or products within the catalogue itself.

I’ll try to explain our situation so you can understand…

We run an online store that sells off the shelf items, but we also manufacture bespoke steel structures and hire out products that are not in the product catalogue. So how do we invoice these bespoke steel structures or hire services?
The most frequent solution is to create an invisible product in the admin with a description “Bespoke Steel Structure” or “hire service” or something similar that can only be selected by sales staff in the back end.

This is a reasonable solution, except what do we do if we want to expand on the description, maybe we want to call it “Bespoke Steel Structure measuring 8.5ft x 2.75ft, with powder coat finish and drilled ready for castor fitting” or “Hire of product X to Location X Zip Code X”, basically something that would describe EXACTLY the product in question.

The only way I can see that we can do this at present is for admin to create a product via Manage Products, give it a title and a price, an inventory figure, make sure it’s enabled and listed in stock and then FINALLY checkout with it via the back end. This seems like a bit of a farce when all we want to do is basically produce an order and invoice for a one off product with a one off price that has no stock figure.

Is there a way to add a custom description or price like this via Magento?

I hope that makes sense!

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