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The History of Hats
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A cotton hat, round, in front of a new era hats wholesale, and on each side of an “ear”, usually tied crowns, cold, lay down cover your ears. This cotton cap is probably from the north, the army reached the place up. Common that some people forget the “ears” to fasten, walking two large “ears” a one resembled a stage on the Pig “. Students in school rarely wear a new era hats cheap, some poor students to go out, wear a gown, wearing a broad and long wool double old-fashioned scarf, hung at the collar, almost at both ends and on the ground. The snowy weather, they will scarf removed, a flattening on his head, and then surrounded by the excess part of the neck, called the “scarf wholesale new era hats. The rest there is a cap, hat. Flat-topped cap, the brim longer withhold the hat and cap front-end with a press button, the whole new era store forward, such as beak, mostly used by the factory mechanic, dock worker and a young man wearing a tunic.

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