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Gode Magento-firmaer i utlandet
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Er det noen gode og billige firmaer i utlandet som er å anbefale fremfor andre når det gjelder hjelp til design av templates, installasjon og ellers det tekniske med å få opp veldig gode nettbutikker?

Har funnet, og et par til som jeg synes virker lovende, men har dere også anbefalninger utover disse?

Gjerne USA, India eller andre litt billigere land enn Norge/Sverige.

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You can get best price at
Du kan få best pris på

Just for your information.
Monthly salaries for some countries - (CSS / PHP / HTML professionals)
Bare for informasjon.
Månedslønn for noen land - (CSS / PHP / HTML fagfolk)

From / monthly salary / characteristic
China - 800-1000 Eur - (money are most important, money, money.... )
India 800-600 Eur - (no experience)
Pakistan 600-400 Eur - (higher difference in mentality leads to often misunderstandings)
Czech 1400-1000 Eur - (Czechs are mix of German and Slovan nature, not perfect English, willingness)
Slovakia 1000-600 Eur - (dislike any critics include constructive critics, not perfect English, willingness)
Greece 3000-1000 Eur - (term problems, willingness )
Spain 3000-1000 Eur - (no experience)

But my experiences AREN’T based on many cases.
You can get a much different experiences.

Be careful, there are differences in mentality.

For example>
First day of German worker in Czech company:
“Hello Peter (Peter is his chief), here is list of what i need.” (Hans wants to help with planning.)
Peter thinks: “What the hell is! He’s here first day and gives me list of requirements! German Smugness!”

First day of Czech worker in German company:
“Hello Hans!” (Hans is his chief)
“Hello Peter, do you have list of your requirements?”
“Um? No Hans, I don’t need nothink at this moment, thank you.” (Peter does not want nothing until it’s not necessary.)
Hans thinks: “What the hell! He don’t have any requirements? Why? Is he going to trick us? Czech Schwaine!”

Or this example is good:
Six of Norwegian managers from Norway CO. is sitting with two managers from Czech Corp..
Czech Manager: “We are here three hours, if you are hungry, we can go to lunch.”
Norwegian team - after 40 minutes of intensive internal negotiation: “Ok, we agreed that we are hungry!”
....after lunch
Norwegian team leader is asking “So, 40 mil Eur, is it ok?”
First Czech manager “Yes!” simultaneously with second Czech manager “No!”
....few seconds of silence....
Czech managers - after 10 sec meeting - together “Probably Yes!”

So don’t be surprised if you will have problems with differences in mentality.

I know it, because I was trying to hire “some poor Chinese programmer and graphic artist”.
I found that they are not so poor as rumors saying.
I had few seriously intentioned offers - 1000Eur for part time - with luck you can hire Czech/Slovak programmer for this money on full time.
In case you will want to hire 12-years old kid to your shoe factory, it will not cost a much.
Probably for 100-200Eur.
But if you are looking for English speaking and a bit skilled programmer, you will pay him quite a lot.

Cheapest programmers are from Pakistan.
But .... it’s not perfect, it’s hard to explain, their mentality is quite different.
So i failed in my searching again.

If you want someone cheap and “solid”, place your ad to forum.
Try Polish, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Slovenian, Serbian local forums.
Let them to send you references.

Differences in mentality aren’t so big.
Also you will be able to put their invoice to your accountancy.

I’m also interested about selling my services to foreign countries.

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