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how to add productcvs
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Joined:  2008-10-19

hello guys this is my issue

basically after 1.16 went completly tits up. i installed a fresh copy of 1.201

before i did this i made a csv of all my products becouse there is alot of products and inputting them 1 by one is not practical.

basically i have been told that people have had issues when importing csv file into magento. something to do with the attributes not showing. or the pictures not showing.  also all my products are configurable products becouse it is a lingerie site and all my products have different sizes and so on.

can someone give me a quick suggestion on what i should do to avoid any problems or guide me to a thread which answers this question.

P.s incase ur wondering i have a copy of the image file with all the images in it also.


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