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Product Images in Backend don’t get shown
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Joined:  2008-07-14

I had a Magento 1.4 running on a webserver without any problems. Then I copied everything and upgraded the store to magento 1.5. Everyhting is running fine except that I can’t see any product images or upload images.
Frontend is fine and shows the old images but not he new ones

When I try to upload a new image it does everything the way it should but the image doesn’t get shown, it gets uploaded in the media /tmp file but not product folder.

I checked the permissions which are 777 and 755 didn’t work either.
I checked the .htaccess file is deleted and deleted the /media/catalog/products/cache folder.
I tried it with the php.ini file nothing worked

I can’t think it has to do with the htacces or php.ini file because I had the store running on the same server before and didn’t alter anything. Somehow I have the feeling it has to do something with the rights, but they are correct because after uploading the image, they don’t get copied in the /media/catalog/products/ folder

It would be great if someone could help. Thanks

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