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Calling footer into contest page .php
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Please excuse me if a similar topic was resolved on another thread, I wasn’t able to find anything related to my issue.

We’re currently using Magento Version

So our company is working on a contest page.

What I’m trying to do is call the footer from the other pages onto the contest page. Since the footer on the rest of the site isn’t matching the footer on this page.


So I was more or less able to copy/paste the footer code from one of the other pages into the contest page but now it duplicates the twitter widget we have and the seal. When I attempt to remove the code with the twitter widget the whole footer disappears. Also, when I take a look at the PHP file it only displays one twitter widget code rather than both but when I look at the source code using Chrome’s Inspect Element it displays the two twitter widget codes. I’m assuming it has to do with the static block calling the widget into that field.


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