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SSL & Client Login
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SSL: We are currently running multiple stores, mostly using ECT as the shopping cart. We have store A w/o a SSL that checks out on our SSL domain where we have a copy of the core ECT files. And that is how we run the vast bulk of the the stores - they come in from multiple domains and will checkout on the one SSL cert under a directory for them - (www.mysslcheckout/store1/)

This is all on the same physical server.

Can Magento do something similar? Or do we need a seperate SSL for each site?

Client Login - I’ve seen several old posts that suggest that client login isn’t fully functional or can’t restrict products from view. I’ve got a membership only site coming live very shortly that would require a login to view the product. Can Magento do this as well?

Layout: One of the benefits of ECT is that it’s fairly designer friend and my big beef with osC and like carts is that they layouts are pretty rigid. Am I correct in reading that Magent builds pages using “blocks” and those blocks can be pretty freely arranged?

I’m not horribly upset with ECT - it’s a pretty solid cart in most respects. My main beef is that most of the code is tied tighly into the display, so customizing the thing can be a real experience. I’ve also toyed with the idea of building a new one - but I didn’t really want to head down the path of YASC version XXXXIX.

Thank you!

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