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Allow me to create widgets that let users configure my products
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New to Magento here, so please be kind smile

We are considering Magento for a client (we are going to start with the Community edition and then move up to the enterprise as things work out for them) who runs a label printing business.

It requires a custom product configuration interface where people can choose an image they wish on a label and add custom text to it. The user would be presented with a preview of the label.

Users can then choose to add this label to their cart with the custom properties. Currently solution is written in Flash + custom backend example available here

We want to write a HTML5 / JS replacement for the front end one that hopefully can work in Magento.

Additionally we will write back office automation that will access order details via the Magento API (separate problem).

Question obvious is “Can Magento Do this?”. Any pointers are much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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