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Requested store view not found
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-12-22

Hi everyone and happy new year,

I am trying to access Magento by Java, using webservice code that was generated by NetBeans.

When I try to run the following code I get an error: “Requested store view not found” at the call to category.tree

MagentoService service = new MagentoService_Impl();
Mage_Api_Model_Server_HandlerPortType handler service.getMage_Api_Model_Server_HandlerPort();
String sessionId handler.login("test_user""test_key");
System.out.println("sessionId:" sessionId);

Map treeInfo = new HashMap();
Object result"category.tree"treeInfo);
System.out.println("result:" result);

What need I pass as the storeView? How can I find it?

Another thing:
parentId and storeView are defined as “optional”, however, if I remove any of them I get the error:

Using $this when not in object context
and if I remove both I get:
deserialization errorno deserializer is registered for (null{}Map)

Please advise,


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