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Custom inventory updater for Configurable products
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i have self-made inventory updater, which takes needed data (every 5 minutes) from Microsoft RMS POS and updates Magento DB.
it works great so far for simple products. i need to update only 3 tables in Mageto: cataloginventory_stock_item, cataloginventory_stock_status and catalog_product_entity_decimal

now i have a couple of configurable products. i almost found all needed tables which are used in update: three tables from above, catalog_product_relation (to get children for configurable product), catalog_product_super_attribute (to get attribute_id which will be used in following table), catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing (here we have values for configuration drop-down with prices to add to base price)

now questions are:
- are those tables all what i need to update price and quantity? if not, please help me with other tables, please.
- what is “value_index” field in catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing table? can’t find where it is used and how it is related to this table.

PS. I can’t use Magento models to update database. reason - my updater is done in VB.Net, so i have to update tables directly.

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value_index means option_id.

So if you have configurable attribute color, you\\\\\\\’d have options


Each of this options would have internally assigned ids. Programmatically you can get them by calling something like

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