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PEAR upgrader insists on 1.1.8
Jr. Member
Total Posts:  16
Joined:  2008-02-28

Just having some trouble with the PEAR upgrader where it recognises is available but refuses to let you upgrade to it, always insisting on 1.1.8.

# ./pear list-upgrades Interface_Frontend_Default_Blank  1.1.8 (stable1.2.0.1 (stable270kB
connect Interface_Frontend_Default_Modern 1.1.7 (stable1.2.0.1 (stable484kB

# ./pear list-all -c magento-core
magento-core/Mage_All_Latest                            Metapackage for latest Magento release
-core/Mage_Checkout                                               Mage Checkout
-core/Mage_Chronopay                          1.1.1               ChronoPay payment method integration
-core/Mage_Core_Adminhtml                        Magento Core HTML Admin Module
-core/Mage_Core_Modules                1.1.8     Magento Core Team Modules

# ./pear remote-info magento-core/Mage_Core_Modules
Package details:
Latest      1.1.8
Installed   1.1.8
Package     Mage_Core_Modules
License     Open Software License 
Category    Default
Summary     Magento Core Team Modules
Description Magento Core Team Modules
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