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session stored into memcache -> cannot save any changes using admin pages
Thierry S.
Sr. Member
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Joined:  2008-03-19

Hi all,

I m posting here to see if anyone that is using memcache for his shop has the same issue. I will create a bug report if this is really a bug and not a configuration issue !

let me know your thoughts

here is my issue :

When memcache is enable to store sessions we cannot do any changes. Activate/desactivate cms pages, deleting message into the inbox ( notification for instance ), changing categorie for a product are just not working at all. 

It seems that everything that is “ajax” related is affected by this.

I’m trying to aply a change, nothing happend.
Then I go to another page into the admin section and here i have the box that appear when you apply any changes.
This box is saying “the has been saved”
In fact nothing has changed into the db, and when I go back to the cms page that I wanted to activate, the page is still desactivate.

here are my memcache settings ( part of local.xml )

<session_save><![CDATA[memcache]]></session_save> <!-- db / memcache / empty=files -->
<session_cache_limiter><![CDATA[private_no_expire, must-revalidate]]></session_cache_limiter>

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Richard Ayotte
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-02-28

There might be a locking problem.

The Catch

As with anything too cool, there is a catch: Locking. The standard PHP Session module locks the whole session until the request finishes. Memcache is build for speed and as a result, does not support this kind of locking. This could lead to problems when using frames or ajax. Some actions may request a session-variable before it’s actually saved.

I’m having performance problems so I tried memcaching sessions and saw no performance improvement. I haven’t done any load testing and the testing wasn’t very scientific, Firebug, but it still doesn’t look very promising.

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