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Upgrade to 1.5.1
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Hello I upgraded to 1.5.1 and I have one major error, my is not working correctly. I’ve replaced the transaction key and API login but for some reason I keep getting error:

Payment transaction failed.
Gateway error: The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

Checkout Type

Please advise as to what I can do to try and resolve this issue, customers used to be able to order just fine now they cannot.

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Tips for a successful upgrade; Definitely dumping some stuff here. Not sure where it is really going right now.

Backup your database

- In Magento go to Admin, System → Tools → Backups

(redundant -skipped because #2 above and TKLBAM)- You can use PHPMyAdmin (but this may fail due to time-limits on php scripts)

- (skipped) You can export in SSH by typing…

- (skipped) mysqldump -u USER -p DBNAME > dump.sql

- (skipped) Reimport using mysql -u USER -p DBNAME < dump.sql

Backup all the code you modified yourself, and don’t forget to keep the original installation archive (TKLBAM)

Take care of saving the media directory that contains all the uploaded product/category images (TKLBAM)

Create a backup copy of app/etc/local.xml file (DID THIS!)

Download a new installation archive or run SVN update if you checked it out from the Magento repository

First added Subversion in order to gt a Download -

Used: apt-get install subversion

then ran the following:

svn checkout

Everything dropped into a new folder 1.5 in my Magento Folder.

Extract and upload all the files it contains to your server

I did this by moveing everything from /magento/1.5 Folder straight into /magento folder.

Delete var/cache and var/session directories

Point your browser to any Magento page

Database upgrades should happen automatically

You are done!

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